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Mr. Wertheimer, in addition to his novel “Secession”, is also a Playwright having written “Your Simone” (Performed in 2004 at 45 Bleeker, New York City), an Adaptation of Brechts “Arturo Ui” (Performed in 1975, Pocket Playhouse, Philadelphia, PA), “Brechts Revolt” (Performed in 1981 at “Little Theatre,” New York City), “Selective Justice” (Performed at Spoletto Festival, Charleston, SC) and “Verdict in Detroit” which was Performed at the Annenberg Center, Philadelphia, PA and was National winner of the Harold Kohn Award for “Plays Involving the Law”.

As a practicing attorney, he has appeared in several cases dealing with Civil Rights in the United States Supreme Court. He has practiced law for over forty years. Chairman of the Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadanco), he was also the Chairman of the Mayor’s Arts and Culture Advisory Counsel for 9 years and is a Grammy voter and voting member of the National Association for Recording Artists. He was Vice Chairman of both the Philadelphia Music Alliance and the Philadelphia Art Alliance and sits on the Board of the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Mr. Wertheimer is a Member of all Pennsylvania and Federal Courts including the United States Supreme Court and was cited as a “trial lawyer stalwart” for work in trying the landmark case of Reinhart v. City of Philadelphia.

He has represented clients in several states and foreign countries. In intellectual property matters he has represented Academy, Tony and Grammy Award winners and nominees and performing and visual artists throughout the world.

Mr. Wertheimer has sat on the Arts’ Advisory Board of the Princess Grace Foundation, was Vice Chairman of the Philadelphia Music Alliance and was a Board Member of the Wilma Theatre, Pennsylvania Ballet, and Philadelphia Theatre Company. He was President of Historic Rittenhouse.


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Secession - Dividing The States

It is Wertheimer’s notable masterpiece in which he gives a wake-up call to the urgent need for a reckoning in America. He offers a compelling analysis of America’s potential divisions based on the persistent issues the country has been facing for decades. He pointed out the rapid historical and contemporary changes that present major challenges to a country already facing polarization. He mentioned revolting groups that have been contributing to driving a wedge between communities, and the possibility of them gaining prominence is becoming increasingly alarming. He also brought readers’ attention toward the divisive red versus blue states issue that potentially requires a reckoning in the near future. In addition to these discordances, he called readers’ attention toward America’s 250-year-old Constitution, which is also questionable, putting the survival of a democratic country at stake.

Reading this literary marvel will help readers undertake a transformative exploration of America’s enduring dilemmas that demand their attention and contemplation.

The Battle for the Nation’s Soul
The Battle for the Nation’s Soul

Immerse Yourself in the Most Compelling Analysis of America by Turning Every Page

Delve into the most thought-provoking analysis of America and its associated challenges by turning each captivating page of “Secession” by Spencer Wertheimer. This book presents a vivid picture of the country’s current state, which is a continuity of historical developments, including our nation’s complex social and political landscape and the potential nightmarish future.

Uncover our country’s dynamic challenges and confront the disrupting realities of our future in “Secession” – a captivating odyssey that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.